Lamptey Having A Big Season

Julius Lamptey waited for the fall period to pass. Now, he's positioned himself to be one of the big-time spring signees. Why? Because he's having a terrific season.

Lamptey Swatting Away A Ton Of Shots

Julius Lamptey had a great summer with Athletes First. He emerged as one of the best center prospects in the country. Now, he's building on the momentum he created last summer.

Lamptey's team is 3-2 on the season and he's averaging 25 points and get this he's swatting 10 shots a game. "10 blocks," Lamptey said. "You can call my coach. I've been getting a lot of attention because I'm averaging 10 blocks." Lamptey had a high of 13 in one game.

Lamptey's decision to wait for the spring was a calculated one. "I mean, you get to see what college wants you the most." Right now, his list reads Illinois, Cincinnati, Washington, Georgia and Oklahoma State. Washington? Yup, his family might be moving west and the Huskies would be the option that would allow him to remain close to them.

"Recruiting is kind of slow right now, but I don't really mind."

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