ACC School Has Early Edge

Chris Douglas-Roberts has a plan for his recruitment. The No. 30 ranked senior is a few weeks away from entertaining a host of programs in his living room.

While some guys are running around setting visit dates, Chris Douglas-Roberts has been busy figuring out where he'll spend his senior season. Recently, according to Douglas-Roberts, he transferred from Cass Tech to Northwestern in Detroit.

Now that he's got his high school choice out of the way, he'll turn his attention to the college part of the equation. For Douglas-Roberts, the first stage begins Sept. 9.

"I'm going to bring everybody in the home first, the first two weeks," Douglas-Roberts said. "We'll do home visits every other day."

As of right now, Georgia Tech, Arizona, Oklahoma, Miami, Kansas, Memphis and Ohio State are tentatively coming in for home-visits. "Me and Coach Walker are trying to narrow it down. I may subtract soon."

Schools on his list are pursuing him with various degrees of interest so some in-home visits may change.

One thing is for sure, Georgia Tech is going to receive an official visit. "Georgia Tech is such a good school for guards and there's no better time to be interested in Georgia Tech when three, possibly four of their starting guards are leaving," Roberts said.

"I don't think there's a better time if you want to look at a big program, a good program. I'm interested and I'll be taking a visit."

Sounds like Tech has a slight lead? "As of now, I feel they got the lead but anything can happen. Right now, before all the visits Georgia Tech has the lead."

Douglas-Roberts is in a unique position. He's sort of positionless but he's got an idea of what spot he wants to play in college and it's the point. "I'm more valuable at that position. There's a lot of 6-5, 6-6 wings and scorers. But, as a point I'll be more valuable at whatever team I'm on. I'll play the point at my new school all year. I know I can pass but I have to be a decision maker at point guard. It's a real big adjustment."

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