Wright Trims List To Three

Just like that Ryan Wright of Ontario has trimmed his list to three schools. The 6-foot-8 power forward, ranked No. 53 in our latest rankings, eliminated two schools Thursday night.

Wisconsin and Georgia Tech are no longer in the running for 6-foot-8 forward Ryan Wright of Loyola Catholic in Ontario. The No. 53 prospect trimmed his list from five to three and now is only considering UCLA, Michigan State and Stanford.

"I had five schools and was planning to take five visits," Wright said. "Then, I was thinking it over and going over the process and talking with my parents. We thought five schools was a lot to do.

"I could only see myself playing at UCLA, Michigan State and Stanford. I decided that since those would be my top three I was just going to cut the others."

Tough break for the Badgers and Yellow Jackets but good news for the remaining schools. Wright has tentatively set up three official visits, each of which could change now that the list is short.

Michigan State's trip is set for the weekend of Sept. 18 followed by UCLA and Stanford on consecutive weekends to begin October.

"A lot of [the reason] was the ability for me to go in and have an impact on the team," Wright said of the narrowing. "I took that into consideration. The other part was my relationship with the coach and I had to sense that they needed me to come in and be an impact on the team. I want to be recruited to a team and help the team. All three of those schools are great academic schools."

Wright says he won't hesitate to decide shortly after the trips. "I think when I'm done my three visits I'll be ready to decide."

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