Brockman: Should He Stay or Go?

Jon Brockman, one of the Top 15 players in America, stands at three schools. He's got a decision to make: should he stay or should he go?

Jon Brockman, a 6-foot-7 bruising power forward out of Snohomish (Wash.) High, finished up on the AAU circuit in July and then spent the rest of his summer in typical Brockman fashion by working on a farm.

"It's a big pumpkin patch and they have a corn maze [crafted] in the state of Washington," Brockman said. "It's just a maze with all the highways and roads in Washington. If you fly over it looks like a picture of the state of Washington."

If you've ever seen Brockman play, he's the kind of guy you wouldn't be surprised to hear was a farmhand. His game is defined by rugged, consistent and tough play. He's a warrior power forward who thrives on contact and fights for every rebound. Some guys check stats at the end of games, Brockman counts his bruises and that's why UCLA, Duke and Washington are salivating to get him in their uniform.

Living in a small community Brockman hears all sides of the issue and everyone's got an opinion as to where he should continue his career. "A lot of it is 50-50," Brockman said. "Some people tell me ‘you should go to Duke. They're a big name with a big program.' Some people want me here at home."

And then there's UCLA. The prestigious hoops powerhouse who offers the ability to get away from home but still remain relatively close. "It's away from home but it's not really as far as Duke and it's still West Coast. It's just a little closer."

Brockman visited UCLA in the spring and he's been to Washington enough to know what the program is about. That leaves Duke, his lone official visit of the month.

"I'm heading down there on the 17th of September. I've never been to North Carolina so I'm not really sure. I've never really been away like that before. We've never moved very much or anything."

In the end, throw out the statistics, profiles of coaches and players because Brockman says he'll decide by using a tried and true means of drawing a conclusion. He'll rely on his gut feeling.

"I think when it comes down to it; a lot of it will be kind of what my gut feeling is. Where I feel comfortable, where I'm excited about and where I feel good about. That's probably going to be deciding factor."

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