Williams Settles On Three Visits

The city of Seattle is loaded up this year. Marcus Williams, the No. 33 prospect in America, has scheduled three important official visits to help him determine his next stop.

As it stands right now, Maryland, Arizona and Connecticut are going to receive official visits from 6-foot-6 small forward Marcus Williams of Seattle Roosevelt.

"I have three set up but I'm not sure if I'll take any more than that," Williams said. "I first thought I would take five but that just seems like a lot. I'll probably take three and then the fourth is somewhat optional."

Oklahoma could be the fourth option. Michigan State was once in good shape but that visit seems rather unlikely at this point. "I'm not really sure that I'll be visiting Michigan State. I just don't really know if that conference is where I can showcase my game."

Williams, doing his best Chris Moneymaker impersonation from the World Series of Poker, says that no one has charged out into the lead.

"They all stand equal. I don't want to go into any visit leaning another way, you know more one way than the other. I don't want to knock a school and cross them off and not give them a chance."

Williams is beginning to define for himself what he needs a school to have in order to pledge his allegiance.

"I'm not looking for a guaranteed starting spot. I definitely want to have something to do with the team winning and losing games. I don't want to come in and ride the bench. I want to feel like I'm really sitting on the bench.

"I'm looking at personnel and I look at the coach. I think ‘what does he think of me?' I need to know that he's got a lot of faith in me because he's putting me in and out of the games."

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