Initial Visit Goes Well For Delks

The Delk Twins, Reginald and Richard, made their first official visit. They took in an historic football game at Mississippi State and came away quite impressed with the Bulldogs.

Saturday night was a big evening in Starkville as the SEC ushered in its first ever black head football coach. Reginald Delk and his twin brother Richard were on campus to take in the festivities during their official visit.

"We had a good time," the 6-foot-5 Reginald said. "It was very exciting. There was a lot of people there; I've never seen that many friendly people at a football game."

The visit, the first official for the Delk Brothers, was a success for Mississippi State and the twins.

"It went real good, they moved up," Reginald said. "It was the first visit and I really thought it was a good school." Ditto for his brother, the twin confirmed.

As one would expect after just a single visit, MSU moves into the position of leader. "They probably do because you know, that was our only visit. When you go to another school you have to check out the other school. I'm not going to rule out the other schools either."

The Delks have visits set up with UAB, Mississippi, Auburn and Tennessee. It remains to be seen what impact the commitment of Tyler Smith to Tennessee will have on them over the weekend.

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