Jackson Wants To Play Hoops

By all accounts, Buena Vista (Ga.) Tri County is home to one of the best football players in the state of Georgia. However, Charles Jackson isn't sold on the gridiron. Those close to him think basketball is his passion.

When you're 6-foot-7, weigh 250 pounds and live in the state of Georgia, more than likely you play on Friday nights under the lights. Football at Tri County High is kind and Charles Jackson wears the crown, but he's not totally sold on the sport. Just ask those that are close to him.

"He's maintained for two years that he doesn't want to play football," Jackson's AAU coach Seth Berl said. "A lot of schools, I really think, are not actively recruiting him because they're trying to get him in football and then just use him that half of basketball season. Well, he's made it pretty clear to me that he's not going to play football and wants to play basketball."

Jackson's mother, Darnita Jackson, echoes the same sentiments." He hasn't went public with it but I think there's a stronger possibility that he plays basketball over football. If you had to pick one over the two, he'd probably pick basketball.

"He said that to play both of them, he'd want to at least do his first year with basketball. He's not saying that he's eliminating football altogether but he just feels that it would be better for him to get to know the team his freshman year and then think about football."

According to Berl, Auburn and Vanderbilt are interested in Jackson. Ohio State is showing a lot of interest as well. "He is committed to basketball. He's not going to entertain football coaches and he's ready to entertain basketball offers.

"He has never, in four years, practiced basketball and despite that he's able to pretty much hold his own with some of the country's best big guys. I don't think he's even come close to reaching what I think he can in the next two years."

Berl said that Penn State, Ohio State, Furman, Middle Tennessee State and Tennessee Tech will conduct in-home visits with Jackson this month.

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