Providing a Spark

It hurt Anthony Sparks that he stayed home in July. It's also hurt him that he has yet to take the SAT. But the senior big man still has three schools on top of his list.

Anthony Sparks hit the circuit in the spring and in June, but then the 6-8, 310-pound senior big man decided to shut it down.

``I didn't go to Peach Jam or anything in July," Sparks said. "I was at home working on my game."

``I felt like I got enough calls from college coaches and that I had already been seen enough," he added. "I had already been on the circuit."

Sparks, who plays at the same high school, Murray-Wright, which produced Robert "Tractor" Traylor, said that he hasn't set up any official visits because he has yet to take the SAT or ACT. However, he did mention that he went to Ohio State on an unofficial trip and that the Buckeyes, along with Georgia and Illinois, are his trio of leaders at this point.

Sparks is a skilled big man who has a soft touch and can score in the post, but he needs to get into better shape.

Sparks will take the test later this month, and after that he'll likely set up some visits.

``I think it ended up hurting me a little bit that I didn't play in July," Sparks said. "But I had a lot of stuff going on and I felt like focusing on my game at home."

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