Ryan Wright Entertaining Coaches

The #53-ranked player in the country, 6-8 <b>Ryan Wright</b>, is in the middle of entertaining coaches for in-home visits. With his official visits to his three finalists coming up, he talked about it all...

Ryan Wright, 6-8 PF/C, Mississauga (Ontario, Canada), Loyola Catholic, is in the middle of a stretch of in-home visits from the coaches of the three colleges he's interested in.

"Tom Izzo of Michigan State just came tonight," Wright said Monday. "It went well. A lot of it is to meet my mom and my family since he hadn't met them. So he got to know my parents better."

Wright had an in-home visit from UCLA's Head Coach Ben Howland Friday. "That went well, too. He first came to my school and then came to my house. He had met my dad before, but not my mom, so it gave him a chance to meet her. It also gave him a chance to show me a lot of things. Their highlights tapes, and just to have a lot of things explained to me."

Stanford's head coach Trent Johnson is scheduled to visit the Wright home tonight.

Wright, who visited all three schools unofficially during the summer, now has official visits lined up to all three. "I go to Michigan State this weekend, and then UCLA on October 1st and then Stanford the weekend after that. I saw them all during the summer, but this will give me a chance to see them when the students are there."

When asked if he had even a slight favorite among the three, Wright said, "Right now, they're pretty much even. I feel the same about all three of them right now. Each school has its advantages. My parents and I are just trying to figure out which school has the advantages over the others."

Wright said his parents will have an influence on his decision. "They're involved in the decision. They don't have a preference right now, like me, but are just trying to figure it all out."

There are some significant factors that will affect his decision, he says.

The fact that Michigan State is only four hours from his home is a factor. He said, "It is a little bit of an advantage, that I'd be that close to home. But I'm not going to base it entirely on that."

Early playing time is a considerable factor. "That means a lot to me," Wright said. "It could be the biggest factor. I want to be able to go in there and contribute to the team as a freshman. All three schools have the opportunity to play right away, but I would probably say UCLA has more. But, like with being close to home, I'm not going to base my decision entirely on playing time."

When asked if weather and location make a difference for him, Wright said: "I like the weather on the west coast. I do like the schools out there. Schools in the west are different. UCLA runs on three quarters. If I went there, I'd get a long summer, where I'd get off in June and not have to go back until October. As far as a location, whether it's in the city or not, I like the big city, but I like the smaller university community type of place too."

Wright, who has the equivalent of a 3.5 GPA and scored a 1060 on the SAT, said that education is important to him and his parents. "But I think all three schools have a good opportunity at a good education. That's why I narrowed it down to those three."

Wright said he hasn't yet completed the Stanford application. "I haven't done it yet, and I'm working on it right now. I have to do the teacher recommendations and the last essay. I'll get it done by next week. Stanford has told me that if I have a good application I should be able to get in."

With his official visits wrapping up by mid-October, when does Wright think he'll have a decision by? "I'll probably make a decision by the end of October or early November. The official visits will really help me decide."

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