2003 Spotlight: Walter Waters

Walter Waters made a national name for himself with the Michigan Hurricanes. The 6-9 junior center now wants to be the best player in his state. So far, he's putting up numbers that must be respected. He also has a favorite!

Waters Wants To Be No. 1

Being one of the best junior prospects in the state of Michigan isn't good enough for Detroit Southeastern center Walter Waters.

"I'm going to be dominating," Waters said. "I'm trying to be the No. 1 junior in the state."

Right now, Waters' team is undefeated and the man-mountain is averaging 21 points a night while completing his double-double average with at least 10 rebounds. "I'm working harder, I'm in better shape and I've been having fun."

Waters said Michigan, Louisville, Iowa, Michigan State, Marquette, Houston and Missouri have been out to see him. He's a true post scorer. No frills, just catch, turn and score. Old school style.

Waters said he has over a 3.0 GPA and is taking the SAT in February. He's been to Iowa unofficially and currently prefers one school.

"Missouri. That's my No. 1 favorite," Waters said. "It's so quiet down there."

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