Shooters & Dunkers

In an attempt to give our readers even more opportunities to tell us just how wrong we are, we've come up with a couple new lists. Here's our take on the top shooters and dunkers in the senior class...

As some of you may have noticed, we tend to get a lot of criticism from readers when we come out with our rankings for the various classes. It's been a while, though, since we updated the rankings. The outraged posts claiming bias, or questioning our knowledge, have almost disappeared completely from the message board. That is, of course, unacceptable. What's a message board without outrage and people calling us names?

Therefore, we've decided to put together some different lists of players. Submitted for your approval (or, more likely, disapproval), our take on the top shooters and dunkers in the senior class.


1) Steve Cotton, 6-2, San Jose (Calif.) Valley Christian

2) Richard Midgley, 6-1, Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian

3) Derek Stockalper, 6-4, Carlsbad (Calif.) High

4) Tim Drisdom, 6-2, Downey (Calif.) Cavalry Chapel

5) Chase Griffin, 6-2, Redmond (Wash.) Eastlake

6) Brandon Rohe, 6-3, Rancho Santa Margarita (Calif.) Santa Margarita

7) Brandon Heath, 6-2, Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester

8) Matt McCraw, 6-1, Lakewood (Calif.) Mayfair

9) Ben Sullivan, 6-7, Beaverton (Ore.) High

10) Evan Burns, 6-6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax


1) Evan Burns, 6-6, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax

2) Brandon Roy, 6-5, Seattle (Wash.) Garfield

3) Reggie Butler, 6-5, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly

4) Adam Zahn, 6-7, Redondo Beach (Calif.) Redondo Union

5) Hassan Adams, 6-4, Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester

6) Marc Pratt, 6-5, Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian

7) Bobby Jones, 6-6, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly

8) Marquis Kately, 6-5, San Francisco (Calif.) Riordan

9) Richard Chaney, 6-3, Los Angeles (Calif.) Verbum Dei

10) Marcedes Lewis, 6-7, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly

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