Delk Twins Get It Done

It only took two visits for the Delk Twins to figure out where there next stop would be. On Tuesday evening, the pair committed to an SEC program.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs acquired 33 points worth of offense from two players who committed Tuesday night. Reginald Delk and Richard Delk, a pair of twins from Jackson (Tenn.) Northside High, made it official and verballed to MSU.

The twins who had said all along they'd be a package deal, visited Mississippi State initially and then UAB. Visits to Auburn and Mississippi were cancelled in favor of the Bulldogs.

The pair is looking forward to the possibilities in Starkville.

"We're going in with the mentality that we can make a big impact on the team," Reginald said. "I think you want to surround yourself with good players that will make you better and get you to that level – to that peak. It's a great coaching staff and we can get playing time."

The 6-foot-5 guards are different players. Richard is the point man and Reginald is the dynamic scorer. Both ran the circuit with the Mid-State Ballerz in the summer.

Picking Mississippi State insures that the twins family will get to see them in action often.

"I think its real special," Reginald said. "They'll only be about two hours from there and they can come up and see us. It's real special."

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