Morrison Makes A Statement

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Marcus Morrison. For one half of basketball he was the best player on the floor with 10 Division I players in the gym. He couldn't replicate a magical first half effort and spring the upset, but he did win over a ton of admirers on Tuesday evening.

Morrison Erupts At City of Palms

Marcus Morrison, a 6-3, 190 pound shooting guard nearly lifted Lakewood High past the No. 1 team in the country. He came up a little short, but the effort was tremendous and now he's about to get more recruiting mail than he's probably ready for.

"I hope he plays well," Lakewood head coach Daniel Wright said before the game. His star responded. Morrison hit for 26 points, 22 in the first half when his team needed a reason to believe the upset was possible.

Morrison was terrific in the first. He drilled tough pull-up jumpers. He burst past good college-bound defenders. He skied for rebounds. He even came up with a nifty assist or two. He had some serious energy going. He wasn't able to come out with the same success in the second half. Rarely are guys able to sustain the kind of roll he was on early. However, for the first 16 minutes in this one, there was no one on the floor playing at his level. If this goes down as the greatest game of his life, it wasn't a wasted effort.

"Every night I come to play," the previously unheralded Morrison said. "We felt we should have beat them."

Morrison said he is being recruited by Alabama, South Florida, Boston College, Richmond and the College of Charleston. He said that he has qualifying scores on both the SAT and ACT. His coach also added that his player had qualified. Our sources aren't convinced he's that far along academically, but you can bet some people are going to be checking on him in the coming weeks.

We'll see him at least one more time in this event and will be anxious to see him a second time around.

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