Robinson Wins It For Tabor

FORT MYERS, Fla. – The Torin Francis-Leon Powe matchup was interesting but in the end, it wasn't the big name guy who made the final shot. Michael Robinson's stickback gave Tabor Academy the 52-51 upset of Oakland Tech.

Robinson Saves The Day

The matchup didn't matter. In the end, this wasn't about Leon Powe or Torin Francis. It was about Michael Robinson's miss, offensive rebound and bucket 1.7 seconds remaining that gave Tabor Academy the 52-51 upset win over Oakland Tech.

Robinson led Tabor with 15 points for the game, followed by Francis' 14 points and 16 rebounds.

Leon Powe scored 21 points and hauled in 11 boards in the loss. He was the lone Bulldog in double-digits. A 4-for-18 afternoon from Armando Surratt didn't help. Oakland Tech shot 36% from the floor for the game and was a dismal 1-for-10 from 3-point land.

The Francis vs. Powe matchup got a hitch in its giddy up early as each player picked up two fouls during the early stages of the first quarter. If conclusions must be drawn from the matchup, try these: Torin Francis is a terrific rebounder. He's also one of the elite shot blockers in the class. Leon Powe is a terrific offensive forward and a good rebounder, but Francis has a little more bounce. Powe is the better of the two from the perimeter, but Francis isn't bad.

Powe has the advantage (in theory) of having more help from a better set of guards. Francis' teammates generally aren't penetrating and creating for him like Powe's friends are capable of doing. On the flip side, the way Powe is used in the Oakland offense highlights his perimeter skills from mid-range. But, it also draws him away from the hoop, particularly as an offensive rebounder.

Both of these guys looked solid. Powe went 7-for-14 from the floor and Francis was 6-for-11. Like we said, foul trouble prevented them from truly trading paint on each possession.

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