Kathleen Wins, Richard Emerges

FORT MYERS, Fla. – Schools looking to add big men will have to wait a year to recruit this newcomer. A brand new face emerged on Wednesday. Chris Richard, a 6-8 post player battled Chris Taft and Xaverian. Kathleen won the matchup by 9 points.

Richard, Taft Battle

Last year, Chris Richard was an "inch or two shorter" and according to him, didn't get much playing time for Kathleen. Well, it's a new year.

Richard came off the bench to help Kathleen in its 65-56 win against Xaverian. The 6-8, 210 pounder brought fire and energy into the Red Devils lineup. Just to simplify the deal for you, he looks a little like a younger Chris Wilcox.

Right now, his defense is ahead of his offense but he has a few moves and there's a high ceiling of potential. He patrols the paint – block to block – extremely well. He challenges shooters and scrapes the glass for rebounds. He's a quick jumper and gets off the floor extremely well.

Offensively, he catches low and goes up strong, looking to dunk when possible. He made a short jumper and tossed in a hook shot or two. There is much untapped potential in his lively, athletic frame.

Richard didn't seem to back down to Xaverian star Chris Taft. The adidas ABCD all-star played well for Xaverian and when given the ball, he created offense. He scored 23 points and was active. He's a good passer down low, plays with a presence and has savvy. More importantly, he has legitimate post moves. He'll face and shoot, has a hook shot finishes strong.

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