Prince Is Down To A Pair

J.P. Prince is down to a pair of schools. Within the next week we should know what's shaking with the No. 29 prospect in America.

Some things have happened, a few of which J.P. Prince can't really explain, in the last few days with the recruitment of the White Station product.

In the last two days, Prince has lost three schools. Memphis added Chris Douglas-Roberts the other night and both Florida and N.C. State parted ways with Prince.

In the case of Florida, Prince and the staff agreed that their backcourt might be a little tight in terms of available minutes. "At Florida, they've got a lot of guys," Prince said. In regards to N.C. State, Prince wasn't exactly sure why the Pack and he parted ways but held no hard feelings.

So, it's down to Vanderbilt and Arizona. "My decision will be sometime next week.

"I don't have a leader. This weekend me and my family, we'll discuss this. Then by Wednesday of next week I'll know where I'll go to college."

Each school has an obstacle to overcome. With Arizona, there's the Shakur factor.

"I think the big issue at Arizona is what happens if Mustafa does not go to the NBA? A lot of my decision will depend on that. I've heard that they're not sure he's a guaranteed NBA candidate through people that my dad knows."

Over at Vandy, Prince wants to continue seeing the flow of good players into the program. "I think Vanderbilt's big issue is showing me that they can continue to bring in good players and continue to move up as a program. Right now they're at that level where they have a chance to be a great team."

A Vanderbilt staff is meeting with Prince on Wednesday and Arizona will visit with him Thursday afternoon.

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