Soliver Flirts With Scoring Record

FORT MYERS, Fla. – When the smoke cleared he had 48 points. There was plenty of time to go for 50, but that wasn't how he wanted to do it. In an unbelievably classy move All Hallows guard Ricky Soliver, despite objections from a packed house, took himself out of the game. Had ESPN been here, his performance would have been an instant classic.

Soliver Rarely Misses, Gets 48 vs. Broughton

Getting 50 wasn't even on his mind. "I just didn't want to get hurt," Ricky Soliver said after All Hallows' 86-63 win. The 6-3 unsigned star hit Raleigh Needham Broughton High up for 48 points, six shy of the tournament record Teddy Dupay established in 1997.

Sure, 48 points is pretty damn impressive. But, in one man's opinion, what's more impressive is the fashion in which he did it. Soliver took 23 shots and made 15 of them. He drilled 7-of-11 from downtown. He was a perfect 11-11 from the free throw line. All totaled, He knocked down 24 of the 35 shots that left his hand. To call him on fire just isn't justice to the kind of night he enjoyed.

And by the way, he had 3 assists, 3 steals and a big-time block. It was his night.

He wasn't chasing points. He was just playing. He didn't demand the basketball. He just shot when he was open and made the most of his chances. Then, in one of the classiest moves we've ever seen in high school basketball, he took himself out of the game with two minutes remaining and 50 clearly within reach (points 49, 50 and 51 wound up rimming out on a corner 3 that nearly went down).

Lost amidst the hoopla was a great effort from Broughton's Shavlik Randolph. He went for 31 points on 12-for-15 shooting. He gave the fans what they wanted and lived up to his billing. He scored off 3s, fadeaways, dunks, reverse dunks, power dunks and jumpers. It was an effort to be proud of.

The problem for Broughton was guard play and it turned disastrous early. All Hallows forced 13 turnovers in the first half as it ran out to a big lead.

Thumbs up to Ricky Soliver for the best single-game shooting and sportsmanship performance we've seen this year.

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