2006 Focus: D.J. Augustin

No conversation about the top points in the Class of 2006 is complete without mentioning D.J. Augustin. According to his high school coach, Augustin is a special kind of talent.

It didn't take John Lavie long to figure it out. The coach at Brother Martin knew the kind of player D.J. Augustin was long before he had a chance to coach him.

"I saw him when he was 10 and I said that was the best player I've ever seen in my life," Lavie said. "He wasn't dominating the game but the skill – the eyes in the back of the head – it was just extraterrestrial. I've seen some stuff since he's been here that isn't human."

Lavie says that now schools came into the gym during the fall open period, not to offer scholarships, but to bee seen. "They're here but they don't need to see him play. They're here to show their face and get in the mix."

And show their face they have. Here's a list of most of the schools that have been in to see Augustin since early September: Wake Forest, Duke, Michigan, Oklahoma, LSU, Georgetown, North Carolina, Mississippi, LSU, Texas and UCLA.

Augustin isn't about to do anything quick with his recruitment. According to his coach, he'll take his time so don't expect much new to come from his camp during the season. "I think he's looking at it real good," Lavie said. "He's deferring his decision until after our season is done. He said he's going to work on his game and his grades and just do the best he can to improve himself."

In Louisiana, there is a long tradition of the best players in the state going to LSU. From Stromile Swift to Brandon Bass and Glen Davis, the Bengal Tigers have missed few – see Chris Duhon – within their borders. Could D.J. be next?

Lavie says Augustin has always done his own thing. "He's a little different. He went to Brother Martin when we weren't winning any games. St. Aug's was down the street, they produced NBA guys. That's the type of person he is. He does his own thing."

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