Tech Gains In Miles Recruitment

C.J. Miles and Co. returned home from his official visit to Georgia Tech. The second of three trips was extremely successful and we catch you up on the latest with his recruitment.

The C.J. Miles Saga will continue for at least another week. Miles, the No. 10 prospect in America, returned from his second official visit this past weekend. According to Miles' father, Calvin Miles Sr., the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets put on an excellent visit.

"It was good, he enjoyed it a lot," Miles Sr., said. "I told him that doing to different colleges was important so he had something to compare. It was totally opposite at KU.

"Kansas comes out with the fanfare and the basketball side of things. Georgia Tech talked a little basketball but also talked about the school side. Atlanta has a lot to offer a person of C.J.'s caliber; from the internships to the program itself."

Entering the visit, the order was Kansas, Texas and Georgia Tech. However, the Jackets succeeded in giving him something to think about.

"They're not as far behind as they were the last time we talked. They look real good in his eyes and Georgia Tech did a fantastic job this weekend. Coach sat him down and said you're the guy we want. He said they lose a lot of scorers and need guys like him to replace the scoring.

"If you talked to him tonight, Georgia Tech would look real good to him. I'm not saying Kansas is out but this is why I wanted him to take the other visit. Everybody has a different flavor."

This coming weekend Miles will get a taste of the flavor Texas has to offer.

Miles' father said that despite his son's unofficial trips to Texas, making the official visit is key to the process.

"He's been unofficially but he hasn't had the full package to see what they have to offer. Take your time and after that, you can pull it."

The father has told his son to enjoy the process and soak it all up and gather enough information to make a good decision. Comparing and contrasting has been a constant theme of this recruitment.

"I said right now, you're deal is like being a kid in a candy store. When you go, just don't eat enough to get sick."

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