Wright Close to Decision

The #53-ranked player in the land, 6-8 <b>Ryan Wright</b> from Ontario, Canada, completed his final official <br>visit -- to Stanford this last weekend. He says he now has all the information he needs to make a decision between Stanford, UCLA and Michigan State...

Ryan Wright, the 6-8 post from Mississauga (Ontario, Canada) Loyola Catholic, visited Stanford officially this last weekend and said he had a great visit.

"The Stanford trip went really well," Wright said. "I hung out with their players, and their older players, too. They're fun guys. I got a very good feel for the academic situation there. Going to Stanford, I had thought it would be really hard academically. And it is. But they get a lot of support and I think I'd succeed there."

Wright is considering Stanford, UCLA and Michigan State and has now taken official visits to all three.

He said: "I have all the information I wanted. Having taken visits to all three, I now have things to compare the three. The facilities, the players, the basketball program. I'm now in the weighing process. I'm going to take all the factors in from seeing all of the schools and try to figure out what's the most important. I need to see the grand picture, where I see myself, where the team will be in a couple of years, where I would have the most impact, if we're winning. All of that."

When asked where he felt the most comfortable when he was on his official visits to the three schools, Wright said, "I can't really say right now. I really don't want to say right now."

When asked if Stanford had an edge, just coming off the official visit there, Wright said, "No, not really. I just needed the visit so I felt completely comfortable in making a decision. I needed to know everything about the schools. I took the Stanford visit because I'm seriously considering them and wanted to ask all the questions I could and see everything about the school."

When asked if his parents had a preference of school among the three, Wright said, "I think my parents are probably leaning toward UCLA. But I have the final decision, and I'm going to go through everything before making the decision."

Wright said he didn't think it'd take too long to make a decision. "I should be making a decision soon. I think it will be probably by end of this week, if not by the beginning of next week. It shouldn't take me more than two weeks."

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