10 Ways To Tell You Are At A LeBron James Game

LEWES, Del. – High school games with stars the caliber of LeBron James are events. Sometimes, you see things you wouldn't normally see at your average high school basketball game. In the spirit of David Letterman, here's the "Top 10 Things You See At A Lebron James Game."

Hey, let's face it: LeBron James is everyone's favorite subject at The Slam Dunk To The Beach. On Friday, Cape Henlopen was an absolute circus and here's why:

10 Ways To Tell You Are At A LeBron James Game

10. The local Akron sports radio station arrives at noon to set up for the 8 p.m. broadcast.

9. Washington Wizards exec Wes Unseld insures himself a seat for the 8 p.m. tip by arriving at 10:30 a.m. and then mysteriously is MIA for the game.

8. Each NBA franchise requests a credential for the contest.

7. There's a rumor floating around that Michael Jordan is going to show up and watch the game from the baseline.

6. Two extra phone lines get installed in the media room to handle inquires about LeBron.

5. The fire marshall gets to keep the proceeds from concession sales in order to turn his back while more people are allowed to enter (OK, so I made this one up).

4. For the first time in the history of the event there is a pool reporter press conference. James is sick and is a no show, also a first.

3. There's a 20-foot blimp circling the crowd at halftime of the game.

2. St. Vincent-St. Mary's gets police escort from their hotel to the gym entrance. And yes, James comes in via a different entrance for security reasons.

And the No. 1 way to tell you are at a LeBron James game ...

1. A representative from adidas is not only in the building but sitting at the end of the bench. Trust me, that's a first.

See For Yourself, It's A Blimp!

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