IEBP Fall Classic Showcase

The IEBP Fall Classic Showcase featured such players as Curtis Eatmon, Brandon Dowdy, Derrick Rodgers and Michael Bostic...

The IEBP Fall Classic Showcase was held this past Saturday at Los Osos High in Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) and we had a chance to get a look at some Inland Empire kids that we don't often see. Here are some quick impressions of the players who caught our attention at this event.

Curtis Eatmon, 6-2 JR PG Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Los Osos. After his performance this past spring and summer, we had Eatmon down as a guy to watch who might emerge as a top point guard in 2006. If he continues to play the way he did Saturday, Eatmon will make a strong case to be the #1 PG in the west for 2006. Eatmon has the physical attributes you want to see – very good frame, long arms, baby face, good athlete – but we were very surprised by how much his skills seem to have improved since July. His stroke looked great and he also seems to have better court vision/passing ability than we remembered. With his size and athleticism, Eatmon will probably be able to play either guard spot, but he's a point guard first and foremost. While it was only an all-star game setting – we want to see Eatmon again in a real game – we were very impressed with the progress he appears to have made. He will be recruited at the high major level.

Jarmar Williams, 6-6 JR PF San Bernardino (Calif.) Pacific. Williams has a very good body – muscular, long arms – and he's explosive off the floor. He moves very well – good feet and agility. He didn't show much in the way of skills, but he certainly has the physical attributes to be a player. One to watch if the skill level improves.

Brandon Dowdy, 6-2 JR SG Redlands (Calif.) Redlands Valley East. Dowdy has good size and length, as well as a very nice jump shot to the stripe. He's a solid athlete, but not exceptional. He tends to settle for his jump shot – and he's makes a lot of them, so it's hard to fault him – but needs to work on other aspects of his game. A likely mid major prospect.

Ryan Kinney, 6-6 JR SF Beaumont (Calif.) High. Kinney is long and slender with a terrific stroke. He's just an average athlete, and needs to get stronger, but he'll knock down shots if left open. He needs to work on creating his own shot, as he's pretty much a catch and shoot guy at this point. He also plays quarterback in football.

Anthony Dandy, 5-10 JR PG San Gorgonio (Calif.) High. A very good athlete, with explosive leaping ability, Dandy is an intriguing prospect. His shot isn't bad and he has good quickness. Overall guard skills need polishing, but a potentially interesting prospect.

Harrison Gaines, 6-0 SO PG Victorville (Calif.) Serrano. Gaines has very good physical attributes, but he's a project at the point right now. Skills needs polishing, decisions could be better – but body, length and quickness make him intriguing.

Dudley Ewell, 6-2 SO SG/SF Moreno Valley (Calif.) Rancho Verde. Ewell is another very good body/good athlete type who needs to improve his skills. Fair stroke, but ball-handling could be better. Has an upside if skills come.

Stedman Merritt, 6-0 SO SG Ontario (Calif.) Colony. Merritt is somewhat mature and thick – average athlete – with a very good stroke to three. Needs to work on playing within a team concept.

Jordan Block, 6-0 SO SG Claremont (Calif.) High. Block has a nice shot and his athleticism has improved some in last year. Right now he's pretty much a catch and shoot guy – struggles to create his own shot. Body is a bit of a concern.

Michael Bostic, 6-5 FR C/PF Ontario (Calif.) Colony. Very good-looking young post with good frame and big feet. Moves extremely well, quick off his feet. Somewhat raw skills but excellent hands and feet.

Derrick Rodgers, 5-11 FR PG Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) Los Osos. Rodgers has a studly body – very strong and good quickness. He tends to lose focus at times – doesn't always finish plays and a little too casual – but he's got solid skills. One to watch in the 2008 class of point guards.

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