Waiting Game Continues

November 10th, the first day of the weeklong fall signing period, is nearly upon us. As you know, most of the Top 100 prospects have reached their decisions but a few prime timers remain.

Some of the stragglers from the Class of 2005 are making their way towards decisions. Others, like the two guys who that top our list of the 10 best available players, will watch the signing period blow right past them.

A busy month of October has left us with just a handful of remaining prospects. So far, the Big 12 has landed the most Top 25 players – five in all – and a handful of conferences are nipping at their heels.

In the next few weeks we'll fill you in on which schools scored the best recruiting classes thus far but for now, here's a brief recap of what the "Best Availables" board looks like. Scout.com rankings are listed next to each player.

Brandon Rush, SF, Mount Zion (No. 4)

Back in September Rush said that it was his plan to try and make the jump. Thus far, we have no indication to think otherwise. Colleges don't view him as a serious prospect and just a handful even came to see him during the open period. At this point he's content to let the signing period pass in an attempt to post big numbers this year and make for the pros in the spring.

Andray Blatche, PF, South Kent (No. 6)

See Brandon Rush. Hometown Syracuse won't hold its breath now or in the spring waiting for him.

Vernon Goodridge, PF/C, Philadelphia Lutheran (No. 21)

Behind the scenes this fall, Scout.com has been on high alert after learning that a commitment was eminent. After each false alarm we decreased the alert level and now, just like everyone else, we're waiting for the news. Mississippi State, Pittsburgh and Georgetown are the hot names to consider with this talented shot blocker. Every now and then you hear the letters N-B-A but we're a long way from that kind of talk.

Korvotney Barber, PF, Manchester Regional (No. 31)

Of all the members of the Class of 2005, Barber shuns the media more than anyone making the Donnell Harvey comparisons all the more valid. Two weeks ago, Barber – in a rare interview – told us that he wanted to stay close to home. The skinny says Auburn has the inside track but who really knows with Georgia Tech, Georgia and what appears to be a fading Kentucky (because of distance) in the mix.

Keith Brumbaugh, SF, Deland (No. 18)

This one could go in a number of directions. Florida State appears to be the only school seriously recruiting him as others have backed out. Now, there is talk among members of his camp that the jump to the NBA will be considered but right now he's not creating much buzz with the pro guys.

Uche Echefu, PF, Montrose Christian (No. 34)

History tells us that Stu Vetter's high-profile kids often find their way to the top of this list in the spring. Montrose kids are traditionally late deciders and Echefu will be the big name of the spring. ACC powers like Duke are involved and he's already been to Michigan.

Jamont Gordon, SG, Oak Hill Academy (No. 32)

He's getting his grades in order this fall and his recruiting seems to have been put on the backburner. Once thought to be a lock for Memphis and then later a lock for Tennessee, Gordon indicated that he wants to 1) stay close to home and 2) keep his options open.

Shane Clark, SF, Hargrave Military (No. 46

This one should be over soon. Before you finish reading this, Clark is likely to have picked either Villanova or Maryland. Even those very close to him can't call this one either way.

Leo Criswell, F, Coastal Christian (No. 52)

He's finally settled in at school but there's no guarantee that he signs early. Routinely mentioned with him is Missouri, UNLV and occasionally St. John's for the Kansas City native.

Alfred Aboya, C, Tilton School (No. 92)

This one seems to be coming to a conclusion. The once-Georgetown committed big man has the Hoyas and UCLA as his finalists. We expect he'll make a fall decision.

In Limbo?

Recently it was learned that Theo Davis, the Cardozo big man was looking to re-open his recruitment. Now, his commitment to Texas is in question but the Longhorns aren't going away without a fight. This could wind up being one of the more intriguing stories of the year if it makes its way into the spring period.

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