Stone Looking At Two Schools

The clock is ticking for junior Marvin Stone. The former Kentucky power forward has to reach a decision, and fast. He has about 25 games left in his college career but he needs a place to play. He's down to a few choices.

Stone Exploring Options

Marvin Stone and Kentucky didn't exactly part on amicable terms and the breakup could impact Stone's next college choice. Stone was dismissed from Kentucky's team and told he couldn't transfer to any schools that the Wildcats routinely play. Translation: no Louisville.

According to sources close to Stone, he really wants to explore the possibility of joining the Cardinals. "He's fighting this to go get a shot to sit down and talk to Pitino. He wants to at least go get his advice. He's trying to put one last effort towards getting to the league."

If Stone can't convince Kentucky to allow him to transfer to Louisville, Colorado State is an option. Bill Peterson is an assistant at Colorado State and Stone is friendly with him. Peterson also has NBA experience and that's appealing to Stone.

However, Stone has retained an attorney to help him look into the legal aspects of seeking a transfer to Louisville. The entire process must end around mid-week of the next week because classes are going to start and Stone needs to be enrolled at a school to gain eligibility which would target him for an early semester return at this time next season.

At this point, Stone is looking to get a career back on track that was derailed following a stellar high school career. The promising forward from Grissom, Ala., selected the Wildcats early in his senior season but his career at UK had few bright spots. A new venue will give him one last chance to see if he put the pieces back in place and make a run at the NBA.

He would have in the neighborhood of 20-25 games remaining in his career, depending on a team's schedule and when he actually enrolls at his new school.

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