Dukes & McJimson

Small forward Johnny Dukes and power forward Cory McJimson of Rialto Eisenhower have looked good enough to get some college coaches intrigued so far this season...

Johnny Dukes, 6-7 SR SF, and Cory McJimson, 6-6 SR PF, both of Rialto (Calif.) Eisenhower,  are emerging as strong recruiting targets this season.

Dukes and McJimson have seem to have found their niche by basically swapping positions -- Dukes becoming more of a perimeter player and McJimson moving inside. Both have played well enough at their new positions so far this season to get college coaches intrigued.

Dukes perhaps has the bigger upside. A couple of weeks ago, he told us that he was getting interest from USF, Massachusetts, and D-2 schools Cal State Dominguez, Cal State San Bernardino and Western Washington.  He also added that he'd like to hear from the Pac-10, which, in this recruiting season, isn't an unreasonable level for  his talent level. The big issue with Dukes will be whether he qualifies academically. He said he had a 2.5 GPA but hadn't achieved a qualifying test score as of yet.

McJimson's academic situation is a bit more optimistic. He said he has a 2.8 GPA and was close to passing a prior attempt at the SAT.  He's also hearing from D-2s San Bernardino and  Dominguez as well as Cal Poly Pomona, but also D-1s Pepperdine, Army, and Colorado State. McJimson has also intrigued many D-1s so far this year; even though he's a bit undersized for a post, his quickness, athleticism and skills make him someone they need to consider.

McJimson said that Pepperdine would probably be his school of choice right now, but they have, as of yet, not offered him a scholarship.

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