Vernon Goodridge Ends Recruitment

Vernon Goodridge's recruitment was a fairly wild ride that finally came to an end on Tuesday - when he made his college decision.

A couple years ago, Vernon Goodridge never dreamed of even having the chance to play Division 1 basketball. Now he's headed to Mississippi State.

The 6-10, 215-pound New York native, who is in his second season at Philadelphia Lutheran Christian Academy (Pa.), committed to Rick Stansbury's program on Tuesday.

``It's a great place for me to be," Goodridge said. "It's a good conference and the academics are good. I can do what I need to do and focus because it's quiet down there and isn't a city atmosphere."

There were plenty of selling points for Mississippi State, including playing time, style of play – and fellow New Yorker Gary Ervin.

``It made a big difference having Gary down there," Goodridge said. "I tust his judgment and talked to him a whole lot through the process."

After Pittsburgh dropped out recently, Goodridge chose Mississippi State over Georgetown.

``I like the style of play," Goodridge said. "I think they will help develop me to get to the NBA and I think they'll get me the ball when I need it. Not every time, because I'm not selfish, but I want to be a part of the offense."

Goodridge has been rumored to want to make the jump straight to the NBA and he says he'll look at it if it's an option, but now he's focused on college.

``This is only my fourth year playing. Period," he said. "I've come a long way just to say I'm going to a Division 1. For me to be considered as going to the NBA means a lot to me. If the opportunity is there, I'll take it, but that's not what I'm focused on. Right now I just want to go to college."

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