Bradshaw Opts For Tennessee

It's been quite a two-week stretch for Memphis White Station point guard Dane Bradshaw. He won the MVP of the Beach Ball Classic and now he's made a college decision. He might not receive the respect he deserves in Memphis, but Buzz Peterson will be happy to have him.

Tennessee Picks Up A Good One


Dane Bradshaw earned his respect when White Station won the Beach Ball Classic and he was named MVP. He earned national respect five months prior to the December event with a fine outing at the Nike All-American Camp. Now, he's committed to Tennessee but still hasn't been given the credit he deserves in his own backyard.

"He's not even listed in the top five players in Memphis and I think that's wrong," White Station coach Terry Tippett said. "He's a great kid and we're happy about his decision. People here in Memphis don't think he can play but he just goes out and beats everybody. He's just a junior; he's got another year. I'm sure glad to have him."

Now, surely Buzz Peterson will be happy to have him for the start of the 2003 season. Bradshaw is averaging 11 points, 7 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals. Tippett said Bradshaw's focus for improvement will be shooting.

Clemson came after him and so did Stanford. Memphis made a "polite" gesture. Tennessee on the other hand, fell in love. "I think he'll run the show and get the ball to where it needs to be," Tippett said. "He's a throwback, he really is. He rebounds, he defends, he passes. He just does all the things coaches like players to do."

In committing to Tennessee, Bradshaw became the 10th member of the Class of 2003 to make a decision. Check out the complete list!

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