Westchester Blows Out Fairfax

Fairfax and Westchester played a tight game a month ago, with Westchester winning by two. The rematch last night figured to be another close game, but instead turned into a rout for Westchester...

Westchester and Fairfax, supposedly the two best teams in the L.A. City section, met a month ago and Westchester won by two. The rematch last night was much anticipated and the Fairfax gym was packed. In fact, it was too packed. Fairfax officials let too many people in and the gym turned into a sauna. As a result, condensation formed on the floor and the players were slipping and sliding the entire game. Whoever is in charge of these league games needs to get a clue before the City gets sued for negligence. Put both games in a bigger, neutral gym and allow the players to compete under decent conditions.

The game itself was a major disappointment. Fairfax displayed absolutely no organized offense and they were casting up random jumpers on every possession. Westchester's pressure caused the Lions problems as well and the Comets were able to convert turnovers into easy baskets. As a result, Westchester was up by twenty in the first quarter and the game was never in doubt. We left at the end of the third quarter with Westchester up by thirty. The Comets ended up winning 100-68.

Brandon Heath led the way for Westchester, as he scored 24 points and knocked down several three-pointers. Heath has improved his decision-making in the last year and it's possible he ends up a  point guard at San Diego St. He has the handle and quickness. We think he's a great get for the Aztecs, as he has Pac-10 level ability.

Ashanti Cook, who is headed for New Mexico, also played very well for the Comets. Ashanti has been almost too deferential in the past, but he was aggressive last night and made a number of impressive plays with the ball. Other standouts for Westchester included Hassan Adams, Scott Cutley and Keith Everage. Junior Trevor Ariza shows nice athleticism, but he's not real skilled with the ball just yet (especially on the perimeter).

No one played well for Fairfax, but Evan Burns was particularly disappointing. With a number of NBA scouts in the stands to see him, Evan basically didn't show up until his team was down by thirty. Several of the scouts left at halftime. While he's very athletic, with an NBA frame and a nice stroke, Burns simply doesn't compete sometimes. We've seen this happen now a number of times and it's very worrisome. Burns plays passively at both ends of the court and basically looks disinterested. Instead of allowing B.J. Bell and the rest of his teammates to jack up bad shots, we'd suggest Evan go out to halfcourt, grab the ball and say, "get the hell out of my way." It's truly depressing to watch Fairfax play. Burns is one of the most talented players in the west and he doesn't touch the ball sometimes for four or five possessions. But while some of the blame goes to his coaches and teammates, most of the blame falls on Evan's shoulders. It doesn't matter how talented you are if you don't compete.

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