Bookout Having Unreal Season

There's some chatter in recruiting circles that Kevin Bookout is on the verge of making a decision. Maybe? Maybe not. Regardless, the senior is having a terrific season.

Shooting Percentage Unreal

Danny Morris, the head coach at Stroud High understands he has a thoroughbred inside. Unlike a lot of high school programs, Morris understands the value of a 6-8 behemoth inside and so do his players. Nary a possession goes by without Stroud's best player touching the rock.

"You don't get a guy like that pretty often," Morris said. "You are pretty ignorant if you take a shot without him touching it." Absolutely, and we couldn't agree more.

Right now, Stroud's best player Kevin Bookout, is averaging 28 points and 17 rebounds. Folks, that's legit. According to Morris, he was shooting 80% going into last month's Slam Dunk To The Beach. Against Troy, Bookout was a "human" 17-for-22 from the field or 77%.

In a loss to Tabor Academy and Torin Francis, he finished 8-11 from the field. Finally, against Cave Spring, he connected on 15 of his 17 attempts from the field. Therefore, against good competition in a national level tournament, Bookout finished right at his average of 80%. He grabbed 18, 13 and 19 rebounds in his three outings.

"He can get 25 by accident and his rebounds are just massive," Morris said. "He gives you a chance every time we play no matter who. The level of competition doesn't mean anything. He considers it a challenge."

Speaking of challenges, Bookout might be close to making a college decision. However, that would be news to Morris. "I know he's got it narrowed down to Oklahoma and Oklahoma State and probably leaning toward Oklahoma but you'd have to ask his family." Kevin Bookout – Danny Morris He's a humble guy who almost seems passive sometimes, but he has that underlying competitive nature that allows him to take his game to another level. I see more junk than Fred Sanford. Most teams junk us up.

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