Kindred Decision May Pay Off

Keion Kindred was all set to sign with UTEP in the fall, but his mother asked him to wait until spring before making a commitment. Mom may have been right, as Kindred will probably have several schools to choose from this spring...

Keion Kindred, 6-3 PG Compton (Calif.) Dominguez, has long been an intriguing prospect, but many coaches didn't know what to make of him. The typical comment would be, "yeah, I like him, but where do you play him?" We've been sold on Keion as a point guard for a couple years now, but it was easy to see why some wouldn't feel the same way -- he doesn't look like a point guard and, on a loaded Dominguez team, you often didn't get a chance to see his ability.

UTEP assistant coach Silvey Dominguez, though, didn't need any convincing and he worked long and hard to lock up Kindred for the Miners. Keion was impressed with the Miner staff, and their program, and committed early in the fall. Keion's mother, however, felt that he would be better served by waiting until the spring to see if any other options emerged.

We've seen Keion play several times this year, most recently last Saturday at Lynwood. His shot has gotten much better (he hit three or four 3s Saturday) and, with the defection of several players from Dominguez, Kindred is getting an opportunity to make more plays. The ball is in his hands most of the game and he's gaining more confidence as a result. He can break you down with the dribble and then finish strong at the rim or dish to teammates for an open shot. With his size and athleticism, plus skills that are getting better by the day, we think Keion is clearly a high major point guard. He'll need some polishing, and time to develop, but the upside is significant.

We spoke with Keion after the game and he told us that, while he is still very interested in UTEP, he would like to hear from other schools. Providence and Seton Hall have expressed some interest, and Oregon was on hand to witness Saturday's performance. With the limited number of quality, qualified players available in the spring, it wouldn't surprise us at all if more schools start showing serious interest in Kindred.

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