West Coast Class of 2007: Post Players

Kevin Love, Taylor King and Kenton Walker, among others, make our list of top West Coast 2007 post players...

We've combined the power forwards and centers from the West Coast class of 2007. Typically, big men develop later than perimeter players and we don't have an extensive list yet for these positions. The top post prospect at this time is Love. Not only is he the best player in the west, he's one of the elite prospects in the country.

With three years of high school still to go, we expect that there
will be significant changes to this list.



Kevin Love, 6-8 C/PF, Lake Oswego (Ore.) High
Martell Jackson, 6-9 C, Brighton (Col.) High
Alex Jacobson, 6-11 C, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
Taylor King, 6-6 PF, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
Melvyn Oliver, 6-9 C, Las Vegas (Nev.) Cheyenne
Kenton Walker, 6-7 PF, Scripps Ranch (Calif.) High


Clint Amberry, 6-9 C/PF, Huntington Beach (Calif.) Ocean View
Pierce Brooks, 6-6 PF, Woodland Hills (Calif.) Taft
David Chlebowski, 6-5 C, Long Beach (Calif.) Poly
Morgan Grim, 6-6 PF, Riverton (Utah) High
Elijah Holman, 6-7 C, Richmond (Calif.) High
James Hudson, 6-8 C, Seattle (Wash.) O'Dea
Emeka Iweka, 6-5 PF, Seattle (Wash.) Rainier Beach
Omari Johnson, 6-5 PF, Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey
Darshawn McClellan, 6-6 PF, Fresno (Calif.) Edison
Wendell McKines, 6-5 PF, Richmond (Calif.) High
Keith Olson, 6-8 C, Minden (Nev.) Douglas
Anthony Randolph, 6-7 PF, Victorville (Calif.) Serrano
Sean Williams, 6-10 C, Villa Park (Calif.) High

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