2006 Focus: Jerome Dyson

When Jerome Dyson left Potomac, Md., for Proctor Academy (N.H.), the athletic guard wasn't sure what to expect. In a little more than a year, he has built up a following of admirers that consists of SEC, Big East and Big Ten schools.

Jerome Dyson and the Proctor Academy (N.H.) coaching staff were begging those that selected the participants for the Nike Hoop Jamboree last season to include the Maryland native.

Now the 6-3 ½, 180-pound junior combo guard won't have to plead any longer. He'll be a shoo-in to attend whatever elite camp he chooses next July.

Dyson, a quick and aggressive guard who changes directions well, displayed a potent and ultra-explosive offensive game en route to a career-high 49 points in a victory against Cheshire Academy (Conn.) on Sunday afternoon.

Dyson was 17-of-35 from the field, including a 4-of-7 performance from long range. He scored 29 after the break. Dyson said his previous high was 39.

In the first half Dyson relied more on his three-point shot and a fadeway jumper. However, he was more aggressive in taking the ball to the basket in the second half.

``He's been off in the first two games this season," Proctor coach Gregor Makechnie said. "A lot of it is because we haven't had our team at full-strength yet."

``But he can score just about anytime he wants," Makechnie added. "He's a great shooter and has three-point range that is effortless. The nice part of his game is that you've got to get out and guard him and if you do, he's quick enough to get by you. This year he's playing much better defensively."

Dyson, 17, landed at Proctor prior to last season and re-did his sophomore season. The Potomac, Maryland native played previously at Winston Churchill High and didn't receive much notoriety for his play.

``I didn't want to go at first," Dyson said. "I didn't want to be away from my friends and my mom wouldn't be able to see me play. After I came up and visited, I really liked the environment."

``I thought we were getting a good player, a Division 1 player," Makechnie said. "I think he may wind up one of the top 50 players in the junior class."

Dyson played New Hampshire natives Chad Millard and Chris Lutz last spring and summer with a New England version of the Blessed IJN team, but he's not quite certain what team he'll play with this summer.

``When I was younger, nobody talked to me," Dyson said. "But now when I go home, it's different."

The big question is whether Dyson is more of a point guard or a shooting guard. Dyson said he's more comfortable at the point, but he'll still have to work on making those around him better and become less careless with the ball before he's a full-time floor general. For now, his biggest asset is scoring.

Dyson said that UNLV, Maryland, Georgetown, Florida and George Mason have been the most aggressive suitors while Makechnie added Georgia, Providence, UConn, Notre Dame, Purdue and Villanova to that list.

Said Dyson, ``I haven't really thought about it too much yet."

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