Tywon Lawson Reveals Six

<b>BENTON, Ky. –</b> There was a time when it looked like Tywon Lawson might pull the trigger. That time has passed and now he's in the middle of Oak Hill's season and being pursued by some of the game's heaviest hitters.

Different kids have different ideas about what's important. Don't get me wrong, style of play and coaching relationships are key in the recruitment of 6-foot-1 Tywon Lawson, the No. 19 player per Scout.com. However, Lawson's honest about what it's going take to get him: playing time.

"I want to come in and start my freshman year," Lawson said at the Marshall County Hoopfest. "I at least want to get a lot of minutes."

The Oak Hill junior should be thinking that way. He's one of the best point guards in the country and he's earned his reputation and the trimmings that come along with it. He's not making a demand about playing just being honest that he'd like to pick a spot with a definite need and available minutes. So, if your favorite school happens to be on his list, think about the playing time situation.

Right now, Lawson said he's looking at Wake Forest, Georgia Tech, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Illinois and to a degree, Maryland. However, the Terps took Eric Hayes, another highly regarded point guard, in October.

Lawson, who liked the Terps but wasn't ready to commit, harbors no ill will toward the Terps. "I couldn't blame them. They thought I was taking too long."

All of the schools – except Illinois – have one thing in common: they reside in the ACC. So, how did the Fighting Illini get on the list?

"They contacted me and they're really interested. They have a pace like Wake and Georgia Tech." But could he really stray that far from home? "That's pushing it," Lawson said.

As it stands now, Wake Forest and Georgia Tech have nudged forward in the pursuit of Lawson. He's already been to Winston-Salem and has plans to visit Georgia Tech soon.

While a decision isn't necessarily going to happen immediately, it might not be all that far down the road before he makes up his mind. "It's probably going to be in March or February," Lawson said before his second game at the Hoopfest.

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