A Sleeper in Pomona

Michael Efevberha, an unknown 6-4 senior small forward from Pomona (Calif.) Ganesha, scored 58 points recently in a game. That was enough to get our attention, so we went to check him out last night. We were glad we made the trip...

We had never seen or heard of Michael Efevberha, 6-4 SR SF Pomona (Calif.) Ganesha, until a few weeks ago when he put up 58 points in a game. We may not be the best scouts around (as some of our readers have been kind enough to remind us), but we do know that 58 points in a high school game isn't easy. So we drove out to Pomona last night to see Ganesa take on Northview.

Efevberha fractured his left pinky finger a few weeks ago and he was playing with it taped up. It didn't seem to bother him much, though, as he was very effective on mid-range jumpers and also knocked down a couple threes with a nice, soft stroke. He finished with 22 in the game and we came away very impressed.

He's got a terrific feel for the game and he's obviously had some coaching, as he plays a solid all-around game. He'll set a pick, block out for a rebound, keep it high when he rebounds in traffic...he just knows how to play the game. For such a prolific scorer, he's a good passer and unselfish -- he consistently gave it up when teammates had better looks. Defensively, he was active, jumping the passing lanes and also blocking a couple shots (he's got very nice hops).

Physically, he's got long arms and a good basketball body. He's on the slender side (very skinny legs), but he'll be ok when he puts on some weight and gets a little stronger. With a couple more inches, we'd like him as a high major but, at 6-4, he probably plays very well as a mid-major small forward.

We spoke with Efevberha after the game and he told us that UC Irvine and St. Mary's are the two schools expressing the most interest at this point. He said East Carolina, Santa Clara, Occidental and Northern Arizona have all started calling or scouting him as well.

We asked which factors would be important to him in his decision and Efevberha said, "how they are in my major (kinesiology), the class sizes and location." He went on to say, "I'd like to stay close to home, in California."

Efevberha told us that early playing time is not an important issue for him and he plans on making a decision a month or so after his season ends. He said he has a 3.4 GPA and scored 940 on the SAT.

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