Rankings: Senior Small Forwards

The senior small forward rankings change a bit, but in our mind it's getting tighter at the top, with less of a margin between #1 and #2...

While Evan Burns is still the #1 small forward in the west coast, his lead is narrowing. While Burns is incredibly talented, and far more than anyone else on this list, there is some cracks in the armor.  There is now, after a few years of watching Burns play, a question of whether he will bring the intensity, drive and determination to live up to his potential on the next level. With how talented he is, it would be a glorious thing to see the potential actually come to fruition. In the meantime, Brandon Roy is getting better and better up in the Northwest, and does have intensity and consistency. Marquis Kately is in the upper echelon of athletes, not only on the west coast, but in the country. Josh Rhodes would have a chance to be at the top of this list if he could bring it every time he's on the court. Justin Holt is probably a combo forward, and could very likely end up playing more on the baseline at Oregon State. But he has good perimeter skills and quickness and be very versatile on the next level.

 1) Evan Burns, 6-7 Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax
2) Brandon Roy, 6-5, Seattle (Wash.) Garfield
3) Marquis Kately, 6-5 San Francisco (Calif.) Riordan
4) Josh Rhodes, 6-6 Santa Cruz (Calif.) High
5) Justin Holt, 6-6 Tacoma (Wash.) Lincoln
6) Serge Angounou, 6-5, Albuquerque (New Mexico) Rio Grande
7) Johnny Dukes, 6-7, Rialto (Calif.) Eisenhower
8) Brandon Bowman, 6-6 Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester
9) Marc Pratt, 6-5 Modesto (Calif.) Modesto Christian
10) Bobby Jones, 6-6 Compton (Calif.) Dominguez
11) Reggie Butler, 6-5 Long Beach (Calif.) Poly
12) Bryant Markson, 6-6 Monrovia (Calif.) High
13) Michael Efevberha, 6-4 Pomona (Calif.) Ganesha
14) Joel Smith, 6-5 Lompoc (Calif.) High
15) Dante Sawyer, 6-5 San Francisco (Calif.) McAteer
16) Cody Horning, 6-7 Longmont (Col.) High
17) Jordan Rush, 6-5 Santa Monica (Calif.) Crossroads
18) Julius Keeler, 6-5, Escondido (Calif.) High
19) Pablo Dresie, 6-4 Santa Monica (Calif.) High
20) Nate Carter, 6-6 San Diego (Calif.) Horizon

Other Senior Small Forwards of Note:

Shaddean Aaron, 6-5 Claremont (Calif.) High
Louis Darby, 6-4 Sylmar (Calif.) High
Mike Strawberry, 6-4, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
Steve Panawek, 6-5 Orinda (Calif.) Miramonte
Keith Everage, 6-5 Los Angeles (Calif.) Westchester
Anthony Fuller, 6-4, Albuquerque (New Mexico) Manzano
Nick Debban, 6-5 Clovis (Calif.) High
McCade Olsen, 6-6, Riverton (Utah) High
Matt Alleman 6-5 Elko (Nev.) High
Jasha Blunt, 6-4 Los Angeles (Calif.) Fairfax
Tye-Juan Hatter, 6-7 Upland (Calif.) High
Tay Matthews, 6-5 Las Vegas (Nev.) Western
John Wagner, 6-6 Lakewood (Calif.) High
Donald Wilson, 6-3 Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey
Justin Glover, 6-5 Portland (Ore.) Grant
Marcus Steele, 6-5, Stanwood (Wash.) High
Kyle Hunt, 6-7 Gilbert (Ariz.) High
Aquil Hall-Bey, 6-4 San Jose (Calif.) Oak
Sterling Burns, 6-4 Compton (Calif.) Centennial
Scott Dougherty, 6-5 Portland (Ore.) Jesuit
Dominic Freeman, 6-4 Long Beach (Calif.) Millikan
Tony Mellum, Newport Beach (Calif.) Newport Harbor
Tyler Hayes, 6-5 Bend (Ore.) High
Brad Ruffner, 6-6 Provo (Utah) Timpview
Anthony Williams, 6-5 San Jose (Calif.) Oak Grove
Ryan O'Hara, 6-6 Monrovia (Calif.) High
Brandon Knott, 6-4 Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman
Kevin Edmunds, 6-7 Fountain Valley (Calif.) High
Mark Bunker, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Chapparal
Mark Palmer, 6-4 Granite Bay (Calif.) High
Levi Luster, 6-6 Glendale (Ariz.) Deer Valley
Jeff McDaniel, 6-5 Lodi (Calif.) Tokay
Steve Trotter, 6-7, Longview (Wash.) Mark Morris
Odell Howard, 6-4 Pomona (Calif.) High
Sean Sosnovec, 6-4 Portland (Ore.) Lincoln
Trumain Ross, 6-5 Las Vegas (Nev.) Green Valley
Ronovan Lee, 6-4 Sacramento (Calif.) McClatchy
Rickie Mhoon 6-3 San Jose (Calif) Piedmont Hills
Ryan Rostvold, 6-6, Yakima (Wash.) West Valley
Ryan Rourke, 6-7, Bothell (Wash.) High
J.D. Hill, 6-5 Lebanon (Ore.) East Linn Christian
Chris Dunne, 6-6 Hobbs (New Mexico) High
Maurice Miller, 6-5 Sacramento (Calif.) Sheldon
Drew Dukeshire, 6-4 Portland (Ore.) Benson Tech
Joktan Roberts, 6-4 San Diego (Calif.) Horizon
Brent Weisner, 6-4 Spokane (Wash.) Shadle Park
Lavelle Petty, 6-4 Bothell (Wash.) Spanaway

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