2006 Focus: Trevon Hughes

Trevon Hughes had no interest in heading to the midwest after the eighth grade, but the New York native is now able to understand how the move helped him become a better player - and person.

When Trevon Hughes came to St. John's Northwestern Military Academy in Delafield, Wisconsin more than three years ago from his home in Queens, N.Y., it wasn't by choice.

``I didn't even know about this place," the 6-1, 188-pound Hughes said of the structured environment that's been his home for the past three-plus years. "It wasn't my decision, but after spending three or four years here, I've started to get used to it."

It was actually Hughes' uncle, Eric Barnett, and his grandfather who basically made the decision for Hughes to go to the Midwest so he could get away from the distractions that plagued him in New York.

Here's a typical day for Hughes:

He wakes up at 6 a.m., needs to get his room spotless by 6:30, then goes to the dining hall to eat breakfast for 6:50. It's back to the room for 7:25, where he has 10 minutes that is usually spent on tutorial for extra help. School begins at 8:05 and ends at 2:30. If it's game-day, he takes a nap after school and does his homework after the game. If there's a practice from 7-10 p.m, he heads to study hall from 4:30-6:30.

In summation, there's not a whole lot of free time.

``It's been good discipline and is what I needed," he added. "I've learned how to treat other people with respect and how to be a leader."

``It was a struggle the first year or two for him," St. John's coach Brian Richert said. "Coming from New York City to a little town in Wisconsin was a culture shock. In New York, he had freedom. Here, every minute is accounted for."

Hughes has also turned into one of the top floor leaders in the Class of 2006.

He scored 29 points in a 56-54 win against Milwaukee Messmer on Thursday night and has put up double figures in all seven of St. John's victories as the team has jumped out to a 6-1 start. Hughes is averaging 20.3 points per game.

``I've never seen a point guard with the vision that Trevon has," Richert said. "He sees things happen before they happen. He's like having another coach on the court."

Hughes, who played for Ritchie Davis' Fox Valley Skillz program last spring and summer, is quick and physical – but will still need to improve his perimeter shot before he gets to college.

Hughes has already fielded offers from Wisconsin and Iowa – and said he also likes Wake Forest, Illinois, Georgia Tech, UConn and North Carolina. Richert said that Georgetown and Miami are also in the mix.

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