Beach Ball Classic: Day Two

<b>MYRTLE BEACH –</b> Miami Senior sophomore Edwin Rios and his hot shooting touch were the story Monday night at the Beach Ball Classic. Rios was responsible for the best performance of the tournament thus far.


Miami Senior 87, Bartlett 70
Dunwoody 60, Aiken 51
Dominguez 71, Henry Carr 55
Ridgeway 72, Brother Martin 58
St. Patrick 71, Frederick Douglas 65
Mann 66, Socastee 60

2005 Checklist

Mario Chalmers, PG, Bartlett: The tone was set early as Miami Senior was extremely physical with him, even fouling so hard on a drive that his shorts were detached from his body. Unfortunately for Chalmers, in a national setting like this, he doesn't have the kind of crew it takes to hang with a loaded up squad like the one they face Monday night. While Bartlett was never in the game, Chalmers posted solid numbers of 29 points (9-for-15 FG, 9-for-11 FT) and 5 steals. He had 6 turnovers and 3 assists, but again as the primary ball handler with little help, that can be explained.

Bryan Harvey, SG, Dominguez: The guard has a big time leadership role as the top senior and player on a team laced with underclassmen. He went for 17 points on 6-for-14 from the field and did a nice job with his shot selection.

Steve McKoy, SG, Frederick Douglas: He was putting it on St. Pat as best he could to the tune of 29 points and 9 boards. His best move of the evening was when he walked into the St. Pat's huddle to start the game and told the team "Its over." Confidence isn't such a bad thing when you walk out and back it up.

Matthew Powell, SF, Father Henry Carr: It's always good to see a player for the first time and value him as a mid-major find. Powell has a long body at 6-foot-5 and loves to work the baseline. He had 18 points and certainly is going to receive his fair share of mid-major mail next week.

Tony Anderson, SG, Mann: He's played well in back-to-back games and this was the big one. The Furman-bound guard went for 34 points, including a 6-for-10 effort from deep. …

2006 Checklist

D.J. Augustin, PG, Brother Martin: The crowd in Myrtle Beach didn't get to see him at his best for two reasons: last week he bruised his non-shooting hand and in the first half of Monday's game rolled his ankle. The latter injury prevented him from feeling good about attacking the basket. The junior went for 18 points and 4 assists as he played mainly behind the arc going 4-for-12. The injuries, though not serious, were nagging enough to knock him off his game at least temporarily.

Pierre Niles, PF, Ridgeway: Few humans in the Class of 2006 that aren't football players can rival his size. The sculpted Niles, a non-football player, went for 19 points and 11 rebounds. He enjoys playing on the perimeter but missed both his 3-point attempts. This is a young man who could play college basketball and have a good career and then on the spur of the moment get the football bug and turn into Antonio Gates and get drafted on his physique alone.

Anjuan Wilderness, SF, Dunwoody: His team hasn't shied away from competition as this is the second major holiday tournament they have participated in. Wilderness, an outstanding run/jump athlete, led his squad with 15 points and 8 rebounds.

2007 Checklist

Edwin Rios, PG, Miami Senior: Without question, his performance was the signature effort of the tournament thus far. He finished with 36 points but it was the kind of night where you felt 50 was within reach. He hoisted up 17 3s and connected on 7 of them. In the end, he was a rebound shy of the triple-double with 36 points, 11 assists and 9 boards; the 7 steals weren't bad either. The lefty was in straight scoring mode early and by the end of the game folks in the crowd were chanting for him to let it fly. If Rios is feeling in his next game here than the single-game scoring record of 48 by Mike Bibby could fall.

Marshall Moses, PF/SF, Aiken: The heir to Brandon Costner in terms of how he plays the game. At 6-foot-6, you'd like to think he's not done growing yet and more size could help augment his outside-inside game. He's got a feathery touch on the perimeter and he's a confident player with his jumper. We had him down for a trio of 3s in this one. Depending on where his skill set and development take him he'll either be a talented face-up power forward or potentially a three-man.

2008 Checklist

Brandon Jennings, PG, Dominguez: The little man with the slick handle is a name to remember for the future. The lefty can distribute it and handle the ball with proficiency. Look for his name to gradually appear on the national radar. He had 6 points and 5 dimes.

News & Notes

The Top 5 for D.J. Augustin reads: North Carolina, LSU, Texas, Wake Forest and Georgetown. The Heels saw him three times last week and Texas was in as well. …

The Florida Gators were in the house watching Ridgeway's Pierre Niles. … Kansas assistant Joe Dooley made it to the gym to see Mario Chalmers and all the juniors at the event. … St. John's and Florida State, according to Derrick Caracter, are recruiting him harder than anyone else. Caracter plays his first game in early January against St. Benedict's. …

Arkansas' Stan Heath was in town to see Pierre Niles, Anjuan Wilderness and Dwayne Collins. … Our NBA radar went up Monday afternoon when three different scouts requested the schedule of Laurinburg's Shawne Williams. …

Scout's Seat

There's going to be a healthy debate in regards to 2006 point guards. Frankly, the strongest three are – in no particular order – Mike Conley, Augustin and Tywon Lawson. So far this year, a case can be made that Lawson is off to the best start. However, Wayne Ellington rises to the top of the list if we opt to classify him as a PG which we believe will ultimately be his best position. Taking it a step further, Conley, Augustin and Lawson each play for different shoe company sponsored teams so comparing and contrasting based on head-to-head matchups might prove difficult. …

Cornell Holmes of Socastee would be an excellent low-to-mid small forward prospect but the word on him is football. … Duquan Cook, a combo forward out of St. Patrick, has an excellent touch from mid-range. …

D.J. Augustin plays off the ball for his high school team as they need him to score against top level competition. You saw the PG aspect of his game when he astutely fed the post on a number of occasions and made good decisions when given the opportunity. …

Not known for his scoring, Miami Senior's Dwayne Collins worked his way to 17 points and 8 rebounds against Bartlett. …

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