Berkshire Basketball Is Finished

Berkshire's run is over. There's a new landlord in town and she's eliminated the basketball program. Head coach Rolando DeLaBarrera was then faced with the task of relocating most of the players on his team.

Basketball At Berkshire Is Finished

It was a good run while it lasted but Berkshire head coach Rolando DeLaBarrera knew it was only temporary. Berkshire basketball was only slated to be in existence a few years. But, slamming the doors on basketball midway through the season? That's just mean spirited.

"It wasn't a basketball thing," DeLaBarrera said. "The guy who owns the school was divorced a few years ago and his wife took over the school and she had a right to property order. She just took it over just like that. One day you are here and she says she's taking over the property and that's it.

"She wanted the kids out of the school. She's selling it. She doesn't like the basketball team. Never did."

So, in mid-December, DeLaBarrera began looking for new homes for his players. Yanif Ducreay and Lubor Olsovsky are at Ryan Academy. Cameron Robinson, Carlos Reese and Odin Palacios are at Love Christian.

The big beneficiary in the whole deal is Ocala Shores Christian. It landed Kevin Young, Ismael N'diaye and Brian Mason. "I made sure that where they transferred they had comparable credits," DeLaBarrera said.

As for the coach, well he's just waiting to see what breaks for next season. "I'll wait to the end of the season and see what things develop."

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