Update: 2006's D.J. Augustin

The 2004-05 season is one that D.J. Augustin is going to have to endure. Nagging injuries like the one he suffered last month in Myrtle Beach have plagued him all year long. Augustin discusses the setbacks and his school list.

Brother Martin junior guard D.J. Augustin (No. 19, Scout.com) just can't seem to catch a break. The 6-foot-1 highly regarded junior point guard hasn't – thankfully – had any major setbacks but a series of nagging injuries has followed him throughout his junior campaign.

"It's was my left ankle that I hurt against Ridgeway and later on it was my right foot that was hurting me," Augustin said. "It was bruised up and I had a little knot on my foot. My ankles are alright but it's my hand right now. I keep hitting my hand every game and that won't get better until after season."

Augustin's non-shooting hand was injured in early December when he caught an elbow on it. Rest is the only remedy and he plays with a thin wrap on the hand.

Still, Augustin (pronounced Aug-us-tin) shot better than 40% from downtown during the Beach Ball Classic. He possesses one of more pure strokes in his class.

A hot prospect since last summer when he ran with the New Orleans Jazz, Augustin has a core list of schools that he's looking at. North Carolina, Wake Forest, LSU, Ohio State and Texas were a few he mentioned Monday evening. Georgetown usually pops up on his list as well.

Augustin says he's not sure where he stands with each school, in particular UNC. "They really didn't tell me that they offered. None of the colleges have really told me that they offered."

Offers or no offers, those programs are in hot pursuit. Wake and UNC were in Myrtle Beach watching him two weeks ago.

When told about the Tigers ability to sign the top players in the state of Louisiana, Augustin reiterated that he's not married to playing close to home. "I'd like to be around my family but going away from college [isn't bad]. You won't really be at home [in college]."

Augustin won't take the SAT until April. He said that UNC, Wake Forest, LSU and Texas are good bets to receive official visits.

An interesting scenario is developing with the nation's elite point guards in 2006. Guys like Mike Conley, Augustin and Tywon Lawson are being recruited by a core group of programs. A commitment from anyone of them might create a domino affect amongst the group or it might not.

"Good luck to that guy [who commits]," Augustin said. "It won't affect me. I won't get nervous. If they want that guy then they must not be interested in me. I wouldn't be pressured; I'll just take my time and pick the school that's best for me."

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