Tedric Hill Surfaces!

Tedric Hill, a lost soul on the recruiting trail, is averaging 40 points a game. However, you won't read about his exploits or hear his name mentioned in terms of recruiting. But, that's not to say one day you won't hear from him again.

Hill Surfaces At Alabama State

Last June in Atlanta, I had a chance to watch Tedric (Ted-Rick) Hill play for The Challenge at the Atlanta Basketball Classic. Having never heard about him in my life, I was excited to see a 6-10, 235 pounder out there dominating. For sure, I thought, this would not be the last I would hear of Tedric Hill. I was wrong.

Until Thursday, I had no idea where he was. But, in the back of my head I always wondered. After the summer, I slipped him into the Top 100. In truth, I wanted to slip him into the Top 25 but couldn't. I wasn't able to confirm what high school he attended or taking it a step further, I had no idea if he was even in high school.

On Thursday, I received the answer to all of my questions.

"He completed his GED and enrolled at Alabama State University," Jerry Bartley, an official with The Challenge AAU team said. Bartley told me that he was doing well and averaging 44 points a game. Unfortunately, the only action he was seeing was in intramural games on Alabama State's campus.

Hill's story is a long one. Last year, he played in a handful of games at Redan High in Georgia. "He had gotten into some trouble out of high school and decided he didn't want to go to school anymore and dropped out for a while," Bartley said.

For whatever reason, he left school and moved back with his family in Euphala, Ala. Then, his entire family moved to Montgomery. Hill joined a job corp program and started taking GED classes.

Upon receiving his GED, he enrolled at Alabama State. He has his grades up and the goal, according to Bartley, is to play basketball for Alabama State next season. To do that, he has to continue to do well in school and for sure Alabama State will give him a scholarship.

Before the job corp and Alabama State, Hill had one last fling on the AAU circuit. At the AAU Nationals, he played so well that Cincinnati, Mississippi State and Georgia were on him hard. But, until now, he hasn't been able to get his life together.

Let me tell you how good of a basketball player Hill is. Had he been able to attend Nike Camp like the original plan was, we'd be talking about a kid who probably would be a Top 25 player at worst. I mean at worst. He's huge and skilled. Bartley says he's pushing seven feet now. In Atlanta, it was clear this athlete who can run, has a soft touch and has a penchant for rejecting shots had a bright future ahead of him.

For now, Alabama State, schoolwork and intramural basketball is his life. "He has a chance to be the best player (the Southwestern Conference) ever had," Bartley said. But, that's all predicated on taking care of his schoolwork. "He damn sure has a chance to be a major player," Bartley said.

"He's never had a success story in his life," Bartley said. "This is the first stable period he's had in his life. There's some good things happening in his life. They may not be big to your and I, but they are big to him."

Hopefully, we won't have to wait this long to hear from him again.

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