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<b> –</b> The best player to come out of Houston may not be an easy question to answer. Is it Rashad Lewis, T.J. Ford or even Carlos Hurt. Maybe in a decade or so, the answer might be Tommy Griffin. Who's Tommy Griffin, you ask? We'll tell you that and run through the best players in each of the classes in a city that has churned out talent at an alarming rate recently.

This is the second in series of profiles has planned on cities across the country. Each profile is designed to be a snapshot of the up and coming talent in various metropolitan areas. Keep an eye out for another one next week.

Area Overview

The city has been loaded with talent over the past five or so years. T.J. Ford and Daniel Ewing may have begun the run. Now, you can count on high-major talent each and every year out of Houston. While the junior class may not feature a bonafide superstar, the sophomore class has at least one – and maybe more.

How Strong Is This Group? Deep and talented.

  • Gerald Green, 6-8, WF, Gulfshores Academy (Oklahoma State)

  • Martellus Bennett, 6-7, F, Alief Taylor

  • Fendi Onobun, 6-7, F, Alief Taylor (Arizona)

  • Jovan Adams, 6-0, G, Gulfshores Academy (UNLV)

  • Henry Dugat, 6-0, G, Dayton (Baylor)

    How Strong Is This Group? Plenty of depth, but no can't-miss guys.

  • Nic Wise, 5-10, PG, Kingwood (Arizona)

  • Darris Santee, 6-8, BF, Marshall

  • Dale Vanwright, 6-6, WF, Bellaire

  • Jerrod Johnson, 6-6, WF, Humble (Texas A&M)

  • Michael Washington, 6-9, BF, Heritage Christian

    How Strong Is This Group? Loaded with high-major talent.

  • Gary Johnson, 6-7, BF, Aldine

  • Isaiah Rusher, 6-9 ½, BF/C, Bellaire

  • Jai Lucas, 5-10, PG, Bellaire

  • Mike Singletary, 6-5, WG-WF, Kingwood

  • B.J. Holmes, 5-9, PG, Hastings

    How Strong Is This Group? To be determined.

  • J'Covan Brown, 6-2, PG, Beaumont Kelly

  • Corbin Ray, 6-6, WF, Katy Taylor

  • Eddren McCain, 5-11, PG, Living stone Christian

    How Strong Is This Group? Griffin is considered a future star.

  • Tommy Griffin, 5-8, PG, Welch Middle School

  • Steven Rogers, 5-8, PG, Kincaid Middle School

    Special thanks to Jim Hicks and also to numerous coaches in the area – high school, AAU and also college assistants.

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