Benson's List Expands

Usually at this time of the year, unsigned seniors are seeing their list of schools get shorter as they get closer to a decision. However, 6-9 centers with skills are in short supply and, as a result, former sleeper Rodrique Benson's list is getting longer...

We spoke with Rodrique Benson, 6-9 C Torrey Pines (Calif.) High, last night and he told us that he's a long way from making a decision. More schools have expressed interest in Benson since his performance at the Torrey Pines tournament and he's giving them all consideration.

Benson told us that Cal, Pepperdine, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon St., UC Santa Barbara, Princeton, Villanova, New Mexico and SMU have all shown interest. When asked which schools were showing the most interest, Benson said, "Cal and Pepperdine."

We asked about the possibility of staying in the west and Benson replied, "if two schools are equal in every other aspect, then I'd like to stay west. But when a school like Villanova shows interest, I'm going to listen. North Carolina came out. If they were still interested, I'd go there."

Benson hasn't taken any trips since taking an early trip to Santa Barbara. "Schools want to set up the trips," Benson said. "But I'm waiting to narrow down my list before I take any visits."

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