2006 Focus: Daniel Deane

Jon Brockman was the workhorse of last summer. Looking for a player with a similar style. Try Daniel Deane, a Utah native whose relentless, rugged style of play has earned him plenty of admirers.

When you talk about players with intensity and a relentless style of play, Daniel Deane is near the top of the list.

The 6-7 ½, 230-pound junior power forward at Judge Memorial (Utah) plays every possession as if its his last – a la Jon Brockman from the Class of 2005.

Deane is averaging 21 points, 13 boards and 4 blocks per game so far this season while shooting 52 percent from the field and 87 percent from the charity stripe.

However, even in Utah, Deane and his teammates don't receive their just due.

``We don't get much love from the press," Deane said. "Maybe it's because I go to a Catholic school."

Deane is a big-time rebounder who possesses plenty of toughness and heart. Basically, he just gets after it and hustles all the time. He still needs to work on his passing and improving the consistency on his perimeter shot, but both are progressing.

``I'm a go-getter both on and off the court," Deane said. "If I want something, I'll go get it. For me, on the court it's go-time."

Deane's father, Gregory, played at Utah from 1976-79, but the younger Deane maintains that won't be an issue when it comes to making a college decision.

``My dad wants me to do whatever I want to do," Deane said. "He doesn't ever tell me what he wants me to do.

The younger Deane has about three inches on his father, but their styles aren't all that different. Both like to get dirty, rebound and defend.

``My dad says I'm a better ballhandler and a better athlete than he was," Deane said. "He's always beaten me when we play 1-on-1, but we haven't played in a while. He's just a really smart player."

Deane admits that immediate playing time and a chance to be an impact player will be a major factor when he chooses a school. The coaching staff and overall comfort level will also play into the decision.

Along with Utah, Deane lists Stanford, Gonzaga, Arizona, Oregon, Marquette and UCLA as possibilities. He said he has offers from Stanford, UCLA and Utah.

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