Joevan Catron Just Winning

Joevan Catron isn't the prototypical 6-8 power forward that all the major college programs yearn for, but just because he's a couple inches shy doesn't mean the big-timers aren't interested.

Joevan Catron doesn't get a lot of notoriety, but all he does is win.

Whether it's with Tai Streets' Meanstreets program this past spring and summer or Thornton High (Ill.), which is 21-1 this season, the 6-6, 225-pound junior finds a way to come out victorious nearly all the time.

Catron is putting up somewhat modest numbers of 15 points and 10 boards per game this season, but isn't not like he's getting an Iverson-like number of shot attempts. He gets his baskets in an efficient manner, primarily off the glass.

``It really doesn't matter to me that much how many shots I get," Catron said. "Just as long as we win."

Catron said he's gotten in better shape since finishing up with the Meanstreets last July and it's made a difference in various facets of his game.

``I'm rebounding a lot better, scoring a little more and am more aggressive," Catron said.

That's somewhat scary for opponents, because Catron was extremely aggressive throughout the spring and summer.

Catron already has fielded an offer from top-ranked Illinois, but another big-time school has come into the picture recently: Arizona. The Illini and Wildcats comprise his top two while he's also looking at Marquette, Michigan State, Wake Forest and Dayton.

``I thought about committing when Illinois offered early in my season, but then I wanted to wait and see what else happens and who else shows interest," Catron said. "I like Illinois a lot. They are the main school showing interest in me."

Catron knows he's far from a household name nationally, but he's going to try and change that this spring with his relentless, hard-nosed approach.

``I want to show people what I can really do," he said. "My name is out a litte bit from when I went to adidas camp, but I want people to know me as one of the top players nationally. I want to show people what I can do."

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