Chicago's Kent Heating Up Late

Good players are getting tough to come by in the Class of 2005. Tyrone Kent out of Crane Tech might not be a household name, but he's moving up the recruiting wish lists across the country.

It seems like Chicago produces a nice looking spring prospect each year. Last year, Calvin Brock was a late bloomer who found his way to Illinois as a spring signee. This time around, Crane Tech senior wing Tyrone Kent is beginning to heat up.

The 6-foot-5 ½ Kent goes about 185 pounds and is accounting for 26 points a game, according to Crane head coach Anthony Longstreet.

"He's playing out of position, but I think he finally understands that he's got to play out of position to help us," Longstreet said.

In college, Longstreet expects Kent will be able to play the shooting guard, most see him as a guy who can help at the small forward as well. "He handles the ball extremely well," Longstreet said. "He needs to work on making decisions with the ball other than scoring decisions. Part of that is my fault because we don't have the big people up front to free him. He can stroke it also."

Programs are taking notice and Longstreet said that after the season ends and he takes the test he fully expects the high-majors to come knocking. One high-major that has been diligent in its pursuit of Kent has been Tom Crean's Marquette program.

"They've made some overtures and I would assume that he's high on their list because he's very versatile," Longstreet said. Illinois State, Bradley, Florida State, Illinois and Nebraska have inquired as well.

Kent's rise up the recruiting charts comes as a bit of a surprise but Longstreet says the young man has worked hard – albeit under the radar – to get to this point. "The other thing is every month in the last year Tyrone has gotten better. He was a pretty good ballplayer but he's getting better."

And people are beginning to notice.

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