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<b> –</b> From Todd Day to Penny Hardaway to Tony Harris, there always seems to be players coming out of Memphis. Well, the Class of 2006 is as loaded as ever.

We've looked at Houston, Los Angeles, Milwaukee and Philadelphia thus far. This week we take you to Memphis, where there's an abundance of outstanding prospects – especially in the junior class.

Area Overview

Memphis is an area that produced plenty of talent over the years – and the Class of 2006 may be the best in a while. With guys like Thaddeus Young, Pierre Niles and Willie Kemp, it's right up there with just about anywhere.

How Strong Is This Group? Fairly unimpressive.

  • J.P. Prince, 6-6, G, White Station

  • Lawrence Kinnard, 6-7, F, Raleigh-Egypt

  • Anthony Mason Jr., 6-6, F, Fairley

  • Desmond Yates, 6-6, F, Fayette-Ware

  • Calvin Williams, 6-8, F, Hillcrest

    How Strong Is This Group? Potentially the best in the nation.

  • Thaddeus Young, 6-7, F, Mitchell

  • Pierre Niles, 6-6 ½, F, Ridgeway

  • Willie Kemp, 6-1, PG, Bolivar Central

  • Wayne Chism, 6-7 ½, BF, Bolivar Central

  • Brandon Powell, 6-4, WG, Mitchell

  • Joe Watkins, 6-7, BF, Hamilton

  • Marico Stinson, 6-3, WG, Kingsbury

  • Jeremy Williams, 6-7 ½, F, Hamilton

    How Strong Is This Group? Solid group.

  • Maurice Miller, 6-1, PG, Raleigh-Egypt

  • Randy Culpepper, 5-9, PG, Sheffield

  • Ken Bingham, 6-2, WG, McNairy Central

  • DeAndre Bynum, 6-4, WG, White Station

  • Chris Walker, 6-5, WF, CBHS

    How Strong Is This Group? Potential somewhat unknown.

  • Jason Jones, 6-3, G, Ridgeway

  • Derrick Mason, 6-4, G, Rideway

  • Tim Ware, 5-10, PG, Booker T. Washington

    How Strong Is This Group? Who knows? Not much buzz yet …

  • Greg Wooten, 6-2, WF, Southwind

  • Wesley McDonald, 6-5, Southwind

  • Courtney Easterwood, 6-3, CBHS

    Special thanks to Memphis area college coaches, summer-league coaches and others who have contributed.

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