Les Brown Wide Open

Les Brown, a 6-5 shooting guard, gives us the latest on his recruitment...

Les Brown, 6-5 JR SG Salt Lake City (Utah) Judge Memorial, gave us a list recently of some of the schools he's been hearing from to date.

"Utah, BYU, Stanford, Georgia Tech, UConn...those are some of them," said Brown. "I'd kind of prefer to stay in the west, but I'll go anywhere."

We asked Brown about the factors that would influence his choice.

"Education is a big thing," said Brown. "And playing time."

Brown told us his last semester GPA was 3.8 and he has yet to take the SAT.

"One place I always wanted to go to was Stanford," said Brown. "That was a school I always liked growing up."

Brown, who told us he's 6-5 and 190 right now, said he'll play with the Utah Pump N Run team in the spring and summer.

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