Sosa Racking Up The Offers

Edgar Sosa put in some work two weeks ago at the Prime Time Shootout. The 6-foot-2 point guard has used a strong season to land more high-major offers.

Edgar Sosa has always been a good player but by New York standards, he's not exactly a "hyped" player. The Rice junior guard operates, for the most part, under the radar and without the publicity generally associated with most NYC point guards.

"I've never gotten the hype," Sosa said. "Everyone else that's been a good player in New York has gotten a lot of hype."

Well, hype or not, Sosa is becoming a better player with each passing season. He's a lock high-major player who, when we debut our Top 100 in a few weeks, will have a spot there as well. His overall feel for the game, plus his accuracy from deep and improved passing ability rate him with the top dozen or so point guards in his class nationally. It's hard to believe this is really his first year full time at his current position.

"Coach Hicks has helped me a lot and my brother used to be a point guard," Sosa said. "This is my first year being a point guard so I take advice where I can get it."

Not only is Sosa getting good advice but he's a good listener. Soon enough he's going to have colleges – actually he already does – making serious pitches to him. Sosa has few major requirements other than the fact that he thinks its time to leave the city.

"As far as college goes, I want to be away from home. I've seen everything here in New York."

In the last few weeks, North Carolina State has extended a scholarship offer. Seton Hall and Miami offered even earlier than the Pack. Louisville called him the other day and both Connecticut and Georgia Tech are beginning to show interest.

In addition to his immediate family members, Sosa will listen to counsel from his high school coach when it comes times to pick his school. "They're telling me to go to a school where I can get playing time my freshman year and where I can get a good education."

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