Dahlman's List Resides At Six

There's an excellent race heating up for Isaiah Dahlman. The 6-foot-6 junior who is ranked No. 29 in the Class of 2006 has 6 schools in hot pursuit.

Isaiah Dahlman hails from a basketball family. Recruiters can spin situations, their program and playing time possibilities all kinds of ways. But, Dahlman is a tough sell.

"I know going in what is important but you always have to keep an open mind," Dahlman said. "You can't always listen to exactly what people tell you because there are a lot of things that aren't true."

What is true is that the Braham Area standout from Braham, Minn., has improved this season. Reports indicate that he's improved his overall game and he'll be ready for a big spring and summer.

"I've definitely gotten a lot stronger," Dahlman said. "You can see that on the films. My sophomore year people were bigger and now I'm just as strong as everyone else. My shooting is a lot better too.

"My mid-range feels so good right now. My free throws are good now too."

Offers aren't an issue for Dahlman who counts Michigan State, Illinois, Iowa, Boston College, Georgia Tech and Minnesota as his favorite six programs. There's talk about Michigan State being strong behind the scenes, though Dahlman says he doesn't have a favorite.

"We're going to take official visits after the season. After that there will be a leader."

Dahlman will be in attendance at Minnesota for the Iowa game on Wednesday and he'll be watching carefully.

"It's going to be a tough choice," Dahlman said. "It'll be hard telling the great people I've met no."

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