Echefu's Recruitment Moving Slowly

Naturally with the season winding down, the heat is going to get turned up on Uche Echefu. The native of Nigeria has been slow to listen to pitches from recruiters but soon enough it'll be time.

The best of the best have tried to forge a relationship with Montrose Christian power forward Uche Echefu. The 6-foot-8 stud, ranked No. 34 by, put team before self in terms of his recruitment and by doing so, has remained ho-hum in terms of his own situation.

"He wanted to shut it down," Montrose assistant David Adkins said of Echefu's recruitment. "He's not one of these kids that likes the phone calls, the emails and the mail. He doesn't like the attention and it's been tough on coaches. Trying to educate him on the process while trying to continue our season has been tough."

Tough for the coaches but not for Echefu because his priorities are clear. Education is the most important part of the process for him. In fact, its education and then playing time in terms of what motivates Echefu.

"The most important thing is the academics," Adkins said. "He wants to get a great education in the business field and that's very important to him. He also wants the opportunity to play … in that order. He wants to be the main part of a winning program and continue to be developed. We're talking about a kid that's played since 2000 and he's still learning the intricacies of the game. I think his best basketball is definitely ahead of him."

Where that basketball will be played remains up for debate. So far, he's visited two schools and obviously that leaves 3 trips open if he needs to take them. "He's put himself in a position to lead our team and he put choosing a school on the backburner," Adkins said. "Obviously he's liked Michigan and Florida State because he's visited those two."

The Seminoles and the Wolverines have always been in the mix. Virginia Tech and Kentucky, along with Duke have also been there a long time, along with Texas. North Carolina and Maryland are battling to get into the mix and both schools are coming this week to watch Echefu (likely on Friday) play in possibly his final game of the season.

"He's got to go somewhere where they really stress the fundamentals and the skill work because he really thrives in that," Adkins said. "If he can find that environment, that culture, and that's what they do on a daily basis, then I think the kid can be as good as he wants to be. He's very coachable."

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